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Fun Summer Activities to Do With Your Pet

Fun Summer Activities to Do With Your Pet

Summer has arrived, and it's the ideal season to enjoy the weather and spend quality time with your furry friend while basking in the sun. Whether you're planning a day at the beach, a hike in the mountains, or staying indoors—there are endless opportunities to go on some fun summer adventures with your furry companion.

Are you wondering about what to do with your furry friend this summer? Still don't have any plans yet? Don't fret! We've got you covered with a list of fun indoor and outdoor activities that will keep you both entertained for hours on end.

Here are some activities that you can do with your pet to keep them happy and healthy—there's something for every pet and every personality!

Indoor Activities

With summer comes excessive heat waves that can make your pet feel uncomfortable. If the temperature outside is too extreme for your furry pal, they will likely spend their time indoors, enjoying the cool air from a fan or air conditioning. They might even have a delicious frozen treat to help them cool down. However, pets that are full of life and energy may find it boring to be confined in a house with nothing to do.

Fortunately, boredom sparks creativity and there are many fun activities that you can put together to keep your pet cool and occupied while indoors. Let’s take a look at them below!

Hide and Seek

Yes— the same game we used to play as kids can be just as equally exciting for our pets as it was for us! Not just a children’s game, hide and seek is an enjoyable and stimulating way to play with your dog or cat when going outside is not an option! In addition to it being great for exercise, it also helps to stimulate their senses and keep them mentally active while reinforcing positive training. Hide and seek requires your furry friend to use their instinct of hunting. Playing this game engages their sense of smell, hearing, and mind as it requires them to think and use problem-solving skills to locate you!

As we know, the game consists of two simple elements: the hider and the seeker. I’m sure it is easy for you to guess which role your dog will naturally be good at—seeking, of course! Though on the other hand, your cat might be the one hiding! Since your pet cannot count to 10, you will need to call out to them and let them know when to begin their search. You can motivate and encourage them to find you by calling their name and saying, “Come and find me”. However, for this game to work, you should ensure they do not follow you to your hiding location! Work on training commands so they know when to stay still, such as “Sit” or “Stay”. If that does not work, you can have someone hold them down until it is time to start.

Start easy! Pick an area that is not too difficult for them to find. When they do find you, reward them with treats or verbally express your happiness and shower them with praise. Repeating this will allow them to get comfortable and build their excitement and interest, especially if you notice your pet getting anxious. Progressively choose difficult areas to hide the better your dog gets at it!

There are plenty of other creative ways to play this game as well. Instead of you or another family member hiding, you might want to consider hiding some of their favorite treats or toys and encouraging them to find them! Hide and seek is a fantastic way to support their playful nature.

A Game of Fetch!

Imagine spending a fun-filled afternoon with your furry best friend, playing their favorite game of fetch. The best part? You don't have to venture outside in the sweltering heat! Playing fetch with your dog is often considered an outdoor activity that allows more space for them to run, jump, and be free. However, that is not the case! You can also enjoy a lively game of toss and catch within the comfort of your home, with plenty of space to run around and play. Not only is it convenient, but it allows your pet to burn off energy and keeps them busy!

First, locate a spacious area in your home where your pet can run and jump freely. Be sure to remove any objects that may get damaged or broken as your pet dashes to retrieve the toy. Then? You're ready to start playing! Throw a toy for your pet to fetch and watch them happily run and jump around—it's that easy! Don't forget to reward them with a treat every time they bring the toy back to you. It's a simple yet fun activity to enjoy with your furry friend!

DIY Obstacle Course

Are you looking for an interactive activity to keep your pet entertained? Consider setting up an indoor obstacle course within your home! It could be in the basement, living room, or an area of your home that has an ample amount of space. Don't be afraid to get creative! You can use household items such as pillows, curtain rods, cushions, chairs, laundry baskets, or boxes to create a course that challenges your pet's agility. It's safe, fun, and inexpensive! You can also purchase agility supplies such as tunnels, weave poles, or jump obstacles to keep things engaging and interesting.

This is an activity that can be enjoyable for both you and your pet! Great for quality bonding time, working together with your pet and encouraging them to get through the obstacle course provides them with exercise, stimulation, and an abundance of fun!

Teach New Tricks!

Teaching your beloved pet some fresh and exciting tricks, commands, or behaviors this summer can prove to be an incredibly fulfilling and enjoyable experience not just for your furry friend, but for yourself as well! This fun-filled activity will not only keep them occupied and amused but also improve their cognitive abilities, keeping their minds sharp and focused.

Examples of new tricks that you can teach your pet are how to shake hands, twirl around, roll over, hug, wait, play dead, and more! Using positive reinforcement, you can reward them for every trick done correctly. Patience and consistency is key!

Make Summer Arts & Craft

Engaging in creative activities with your furry friend is an excellent way to enjoy quality time together indoors, especially during the summer. One such activity is making paw art—a fun and interactive craft that involves using your pet's unique paw prints to create beautiful and colorful artwork! You can press their painted paws onto stones from your garden or on paper to make designs out of them—such as a flower. You can even create molds of their paws! The possibilities are endless and this is a fantastic way to showcase your artistic abilities while creating unforgettable memories with your furry friend.

So head on over to your local art supply store for some materials! When purchasing products such as clay or paint, check that they are non-toxic and pet friendly. It's also a good idea to lay down an old blanket in the area where you and your pet will be working to prevent making a mess. Still have concerns? No worries—this is an activity that can also be done outside! With this activity, you can create a unique piece of art that can be treasured for years!

Outdoor Activities

Summertime presents the perfect opportunity to take advantage of outdoor activities with your furry best friend! With pleasant weather and the sun shining brightly, there are a plethora of exciting adventures awaiting you and your beloved companion—so why not make the most of it? This summer is all about embracing the joy of spending quality time with your pet and exploring the great outdoors!

If you’re searching for ideas on fun summer activities to do with your pet, look no further! We’ve gathered together some activities you will both enjoy. So grab their leash and lace up your shoes—it’s time for some PAWsome adventures!

Treat Your Pet to a Spa Day

If there’s one thing pet owners will make sure of, it’s that their pet receives the utmost love and care. And what better way to show your pets how much you adore them than by treating them to a luxurious and pampering spa day? That's right! This summer, you can take your beloved pet to a top-notch grooming establishment where they can indulge in a full-on spa treatment and grooming session. From start to finish, your pet will feel like royalty after receiving a wide range of services that include nail trimming, a relaxing bath and massage, teeth cleaning, hair cuts, and more.

So why not give your pet a day of complete relaxation and bliss? They deserve it! A spa day allows you to spend quality time with your pet while ensuring they stay clean and well-equipped to handle the summer heat!

Go hiking

Take your dog for a nice hike! Pet owners know just how much their furry friend loves a long walk and hiking provides just that. It provides both physical and mental exercise and exposes them to new sights, sounds, and smells. This healthy and inexpensive outdoor adventure allows your pet to gain new experiences and enjoy the change in environment around them. Hiking can help your pet reduce stress and anxiety, improves their health by preventing issues such as obesity or cardiovascular problems, and helps to build stronger bones and muscles. From jumping over streams and climbing onto boulders to running on the dirt trails, it’s an escapade they will not forget!

Before taking them hiking, double-check that the park you go to permits dogs on the trail. Most trails require leashes, but if they don't, be sure your dog is well-trained and socialized. You don't want them chasing after other animals, humans, or cyclists along the route, I assure you! Be sure to have enough food and water to keep your furry pet energized, and if you are unsure if hiking is an appropriate activity for your pet, consult their veterinarian!

Stay prepared with outdoor pet essentials and always exercise caution.

Per-friendly Bakery

Have you considered treating your beloved furry friend to a delicious snack? If not, you should add it to your list of pet-friendly activities for the summer! As much as we appreciate a frozen or flavorful treat to beat the summer heat, your pet does too! So, why not take them to a local dog-friendly bakery or ice cream shop? Not only will they enjoy indulging in something tasty, but it also provides a great opportunity for socialization and bonding. It's a great way to reward your pet for making it through a hot summer day and a simple, enjoyable method to express how much you care.

Plan a picnic

If you’re looking for a fun outdoor activity to do with your pet, why not plan a picnic? It’s a great way to enjoy fresh air, feel the grass on your feet, and spend some cherished time with your fur baby amidst the natural ambiance of the open sky and sunshine! You can bring them to a pet-friendly park or find a shade-filled spot by a lake-side to unwind and revel in the view. You can even do it from your backyard!

For a day full of fun, pack a leash and some of their favorite toys, foods, and treats to keep them entertained and satisfied. Most importantly, pack plenty of fresh water for them to drink! With proper planning and preparation, this picnic with your pet can be an enjoyable experience!

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