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Pet Wellness Trends

Pet Wellness Trends

Pets have become more like family members overtime and as a result, pet wellness has become a growing concern among pet owners. Some exciting new trends have emerged in recent years. Here are a few of the newest trends in pet wellness:

  1. Holistic Pet Care: More and more pet owners are opting for holistic approaches to pet care, using some combination of conventional medicine and various holistic modalities. This includes natural remedies, acupuncture, and chiropractic treatments.
  2. CBD Oil for Pets: CBD oil derived from hemp has become a popular natural remedy for pets, with many pet owners using it to treat anxiety, pain, and other conditions.
  3. Telemedicine for Pets: Telemedicine for pets is becoming more popular, allowing pet owners to consult with a veterinarian remotely. Apps such as TeleVet and PetPro Connect are popular in the industry.

  4. Fitness and Activity Tracking: A growing number of pet owners are using wearable fitness trackers to monitor their pet's activity levels and ensure they are getting enough exercise.

  5. Healthy and Natural Pet Foods: There is a growing demand for healthy, natural pet food options, with many pet owners seeking to avoid processed foods with artificial preservatives and additives.

  6. Mental Stimulation and Enrichment: Mental stimulation and enrichment are becoming increasingly important in pet wellness, with many pet owners looking for new and innovative ways to challenge their pets both physically and mentally.

Stay tuned for other blog posts that expand on each of the above trends.

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