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Prepping Your Pet for a Paw-some Super Bowl Weekend! | Bruno's Place

Prepping Your Pet for a Paw-some Super Bowl Weekend! | Bruno's Place

The highly anticipated sporting event of the year is right around the corner! That’s right—Super Bowl LVIII is this weekend! As we prepare to cheer on our favorite teams with friends and family, enjoy the funny commercials, and feast on snacks, why not bring the celebration to everyone in our household—including our pets?

In this post, we’ll explore ways to ensure your furry friend can join the festivities and make Super Bowl weekend a pleasant experience!


Show Team Spirit - Dress Your Pet in Apparel and Accessories!

As we gear up for the biggest game day of the year, have your pet join the excitement! If you're looking for a fun and creative way to support your favorite team, why not dress up your furry friend in an outfit or jersey that features their logo or colors? It's an adorable and unique way to show team spirit—more so, it's a great way to involve your fur baby in your passion for sports and enhance your game day experience!


For pet parents who love a good DIY project—here's your chance! Consider using team-themed fabric or accessories to create bandanas! First, ensure you choose fabric in your team's colors. If you're rooting for the San Francisco 49ers or cheering on the Kansas City Chiefs, red/white or red/gold are the perfect color choices.

To make the bandana, cut the fabric into a square and fold it diagonally to form a triangle—measure your pet's neck to determine the size and trim the edges if necessary. Next, run a line of fabric glue along the two shorter edges and press them together, allowing the glue to set. Leave the top edge, where your furry friend's neck will be, open! You can even get fancy and add accessories like patches, bows, rhinestones, or little footballs. Ensure you allow the bandana time to dry completely, and once finished, tie it loosely around your pet's neck. Your canine companion is now ready to tackle game day in style!

Alternatively, you can hand-sew or use a sewing machine during the process if you are more skilled!

Readily Available

If you're not crafty, that's okay! There are various pet apparel and accessories available you can purchase, online or in certain stores, that have a Super Bowl theme. For instance, you can find pet jerseys that feature your favorite team's logo and colors—some even have player names and numbers!


Check out our sports apparel selections here at Bruno's Place! From the NFL to the NBA, keep your pet looking stylish while repping your favorite teams! Made with quality and comfort in mind, measure your pet before purchasing to ensure the right fit!

Whether you're watching the game at home or attending a live event, your furry friend is bound to turn heads and gain smiles from fellow fans.


Pet-Friendly Game Day Snacks

What would Super Bowl day be without a spread of delectable food and snacks? From chips and dip to pizza, wings, and an assortment of drinks, there's something to satisfy everyone's taste buds—taking the game-watching experience to the next level! However, as we indulge in these tasty treats, let's not forget about our furry friends. While they may not be able to eat the same food as humans, that doesn't mean your fur baby can't savor some special treats of their own!

Make your pet feel included in the Super Bowl festivities by crafting some delicious homemade meals or treats that are safe and enjoyable for them to munch on while you watch the game! Ensure you prepare food using pet-safe ingredients. Most importantly, tailor it to your furry friend's dietary requirements—feed them the correct portion sizes and keep it healthy!

For Super Bowl-themed pet treats, try using football-shaped molds or cookie cutters. You can even make some into the shape of a jersey! Consider using ingredients like peanut butter, plain yogurt, carrots, blueberries, and sweet potatoes—all of which are yummy and healthy for your pet when consumed in moderation. It's a chance for you to get creative in the kitchen! If you're a pet parent with feline furballs, consider whipping up some salmon or tuna-flavored catnip treats. From homemade dog biscuits shaped like footballs to mini meatballs using ground turkey or chicken, or even peanut butter and banana frozen delights, there are various options to spoil your furry friend!

Searching for more fun treat ideas for your feline or canine companion? Browse through an array of recipes online for endless inspiration!


Create a Safe and Cozy Viewing Area for Your Pet!

We all know of the excitement and noise that comes along with Super Bowl watch parties and festivities. From epic plays to foot-tapping halftime performances, the energy in the room naturally escalates! Filled with the resounding cheers of family and friends, whether expressing joy or frustration, the atmosphere is lively and—sometimes—quite rowdy!

To guarantee your furry friend's comfort and keep them calm and collected amidst the excitement, consider these tips:

• Provide your pet with interactive toys or puzzle feeders. This helps to keep them mentally engaged and distracted during the game.
• Set up a cozy space away from the commotion. Include your pet’s bed, favorite blankets, pillows, and toys to help them relax and feel secure.
• Take your pet for a walk or have a play session before the game starts, during halftime, or during commercial breaks.
• Leave water bowls out for your pet to stay hydrated.
• Offer your pet treats.
• Spend quality time with your furry friend during the game.

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