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Bruno’s Pawsitive Dog Coaching Card Game


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Discover the joy of training your dog with Bruno’s Pawsitive Dog Coaching Cards. This engaging card game set, inspired by our smart and adorable Bruno, includes Basic Commands, Advanced Commands, Fun Tricks, and Action Cards, offering a dynamic training experience. It's a perfect activity for family, friends, and your furry companion, enhancing bonding while teaching essential skills.


  • Comprehensive training set with various command levels
  • Encourages bonding and skill-building
  • Ideal for all dog owners, regardless of age or training experience

Imagine your dog mastering commands with ease and enthusiasm, each card turning training into a fun-filled game. Picture the joy and pride as your furry friend eagerly responds to new challenges, bringing laughter and excitement to every session. These cards are not just about teaching tricks; they are a gateway to a deeper understanding and a stronger bond with your beloved pet. As you progress through the levels, watch your dog grow in confidence and skill, transforming your training sessions into cherished moments of connection and achievement.


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Pawsittive Dog Coaching Cards

Bruno’s Pawsitive Dog Coaching Card Game


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